MVC5 Jquery File upload

Recently on Github, I forked a project that is great for uploading multiple images to your web application. I fixed a few bugs and requested a merge. This project is built for an ASP.NET MVC5 application and impliments Sebastian Tschan jQuery file upload plugin.

For .NET developers, this project is a great starting point if you plan on creating a gallary of images for the user. In today's web environment, the less clicks is better especially when it involves uploading files. This project saves the files in a file structure and not in a database. I do have a project that is forked off this project which stores the file information in the database, but that will be another monthly blog entry. It's not complete.

This project allows you to manage an image repository. Here are some images:

The FileUploadController uses the FilesHelper class to upload the images.

System.Web has a WebImage class that will resize the image.

Head on over to GitHub for the source code. I have not found many MVC projects that impliment the jQuery mulitple file upload for ASP.NET MVC projects, so hopefully this was helpful.

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